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It sounds like a tech-hating conspiracy; however, the longer cell phones have been around, the more data coming in. In May 2011, 30 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to assess the carcinogenicity of the radiation emitted from cell phones, and concluded that, given the limited amount of available evidence, cell phones are a possible human carcinogen. Okay, so that was from six years ago. What about now?

Evidence continues to mount, with the latest two 2017 systematic reviews showing between a 33% increased odds of brain tumors with long-term use, to 46% higher odds of tumors on the phone side of your head. That’s including the industry-funded studies that have been accused of being biased and flawed, underestimating the risk. In other words, cell phone companies might rather sweep these studies under the proverbial rug than play down the findings.

And that’s why we have the World Health Organization’s IARC, the recognized authority on what is and is not carcinogenic. There are five categories. There are the Group 1 carcinogens—those we know, with the highest level of certainty, do cause cancer in human beings. The other four categories are broken down into things that probably cause cancer, possibly cause cancer, not sure, or probably don’t cause cancer.

Some scientists are pushing to have the IARC bump cell phones up to probable carcinogens, or even all the way up into Group 1, at least for brain cancer and acoustic neuromas, which is a type of inner ear tumor. But, the IARC classification for cell phones currently remains at possible carcinogen.

How Cell Phones Potentially Induce Cancer
Cell phones emit radio waves (a form of non-ionizing radiation) from their antennas. Tissues nearest the antenna can absorb these waves. The frequency and duration of calls are two major factors in how much tissues absorb, which potentially triggers tumor growth.

What to Do About it Without Giving Up Your Phone
Getting rid of mobile phones is never going to happen. It’s probably safe to say hardly anyone wants them gone. Everyone at OHS has one and you’d be hard pressed to convince any of us to leave it at home all day.

One simple approach would be to use a headset—not one of those “anti-radiation” devices that don’t do anything—but something as simple as earbuds with a mic will help you keep your cell phone a safer distance from your head.

Whether or not a headset is practical, there’s one thing everyone can do to help protect themselves: get in the nutrition your body needs to protect yourself. This means regularly arming your body with antioxidants.

The most ideal way is through what you eat, namely lots of raw antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Make sure you eat a variety of produce to ensure you protect yourself from the various ways life can cause oxidative damage to your cells.

Have limited access or quality produce or just plain not interested in all that “rabbit food?” Optimal Health Systems’ Fruit & Veggie Plus powder has 20,000 antioxidant units per serving. This impressive antioxidant count is derived from the 35 raw fruits, vegetables and herbs in each serving. This is over 16 times the average Americans consumption of antioxidants each day” in just one 15-gram serving!

It’s packed with antioxidants that come from phytonutrients. Over 35 raw, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs are procured from choices sources spread over 15 countries and carefully blended into a powder that’s so powerful it has 9 government-approved claims to fight several diseases, including the cancer your cell phone can give you.

The OHS Difference No One Else Can Touch
All our ingredients are predigested through our patented process, the Optimal-Blend™ Delivery System. Sick and injured bodies are already at a nutritional disadvantage. Predigesting ingredients makes it significantly easier for the human body to utilize the help it’s given, increasing absorption by up to 300%.

This formula has NINE government-backed structure function claims. In other words, we’ve got the research and data (and backing) to prove this formula’s power. OHS was the first to accomplish this feat. There has yet to be anyone who has come close to the potency and purity in Optimal Fruit & Veggie Plus™.

No other product can make the same nine claims, especially not in just one formula:

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health
  2. Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
  3. Promotes healthy vision
  4. Promotes healthy inflammatory response
  5. Promotes healthy brain functioning
  6. Promotes healthy aging
  7. Supports healthy immune response
  8. Supports healthy skin
  9. Supports urinary tract health

The bottom line is radiation from cell phones or any piece of technology causes cell damage. The way to beat that without having to revert back to the stone age is to pump yourself full of antioxidants. So, you can have your phone and enjoy it, too.