L-arginine truly is a great nutrient for heart health but here’s the thing people overlook: it absolutely needs citrulline and L-ornithine to complete the urea cycle.


The urea cycle means removing waste from your body. L-ornithine works closely with L-arginine and removing waste via the kidneys and liver. L-ornithine’s primary function is to prevent ammonia levels from getting dangerously high, and it helps promote growth hormone levels.


L-citrulline completes the trio because the kidneys convert it to L-arginine to improve blood flow. This happens because the nitric oxide released helps arteries relax and become more elastic. This effect is used most notably in medicines designed to correct erectile dysfunction and slow wound healing due to diabetes. 


Wounds will heal slowly because cellular debris collects and stagnates at the injury site. Improving blood flow helps flush the wound out and make way for your body to repair itself.


The number one disease doctors keep an eye out for is heart disease. Over 17 million deaths happen per year because of blood pressure, and over 78 million adults in the United States alone are affected by high blood pressure.


The higher your blood pressure, the more likely you are to experience low energy, strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and other health problems. The older Americans get, the higher their blood pressure tends to go, the biggest factors contributing to that being poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.


To nutritionally turn this around, you want research-proven nutrients, like L-arginine, citrulline, beta-alanine and Okg–all amino acids.


Opti-Nitric uses select amino acids that boost nitric oxide, which in turn helps keep arteries and blood vessels flexible and active. Columbia University refers to L-Arginine as the “magic bullet” for the cardiovascular system.


The nutrients stimulate growth hormone for anti-aging benefits, counter heart disease and aids in blood pressure regulation, improve insulin sensitivity to help normalize blood sugar, bolsters the immune system, boosts energy, and increases lean muscle, promote reproductive health, can serve as a natural alternative to Viagra, and increases fertility and pleasure sensation in women.


Nitric oxide is a molecule whose primary purpose is to make sure blood vessels stay wide open. It’s a great remedy for high blood pressure, can increase how much oxygen reaches the heart, and can even help with reproductive health, which can enhance the experience during moments of intimacy.


Depending on your lifestyle and dietary habits, your nitric oxide levels may or may not be where you want them. Individuals with poor circulation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or many other common health problems are often deficient in the critical molecule nitric oxide. You might want to supplement your life with the right whole food nutrients.


Part of your cardiovascular health depends on the elasticity of your arteries. They need to be strong and elastic enough to withstand the high pressure your heart produces from pumping blood. Elasticity is also what keeps the blood flowing as arteries expand and contract in time with your heart.


There’s a part of your blood vessels called the endothelium. When stimulated by nitric oxide, they grow more flexible and permeable, which means a natural energy boost and better overall health because your blood is flowing well. Nitric oxide regulates the muscle tone of blood vessels, which is the core of blood pressure health. 


Heart disease crops up when your arteries lose their elasticity due to cholesterol deposits hardening and narrowing them. High fatty foods excel at stiffening up the endothelium.


The Journal of Advanced Research analyzed L-arginine studies that includes the amino acids ornithine and citrulline. Many human and animal studies have shown that when taken in the right dosages, these amino acids have multiple beneficial pharmacological effects such as reduction in the risk of vascular and heart diseases, reduction in erectile dysfunction, and more.


The more elastic your blood vessels, the lower the risk of a wide range of cardiovascular health issues.