Earlier this year President Trump underwent a physical exam. The exam was conducted by the White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Though the doctor reported the president was overall healthy, some aspects of the report were surprising.

Like the level of vitamin D in the president’s blood.

If you thought being one of the most powerful—and wealthy—men in the world would ensure you have optimal levels of vitamin D in your blood, you would be sadly mistaken.

The report provided by Dr. Jackson stated that the president’s vitamin D was 20 ng/ml, which is the absolute bottom of the “safe” reference range of 20-100.

It should be noted, though, that on many rating systems a level of 20 is counted as insufficient. It is only on the rating chart promoted by the National Academy of Medicine—in other words the U.S. government—that the president barely squeaks in as “safe.” (Note: National Academy of Medicine was formerly known as Institute of Medicine.)

Virtually all integrative doctors and independent health organizations recommend a much higher minimum level than 20.

For example, the non-profit organization Alliance for Natural Health insists that 50-70 ng/ml is optimal—and anything less than 50 as deficient.

Moreover, research shows that a minimum of 70 ng/ml is necessary to eliminate most viral illness—suggesting that maintaining a level higher than 20 at all times seems prudent.

You may have to determine the seriousness of vitamin D deficiency in the U.S. yourself.

Government experts will you tell you there is no epidemic (based on using their generous charts, of course).

Meanwhile, as long ago as March 2009
Scientific American was reporting that vitamin D deficiency was “soaring” and that “three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults are deficient.”

The Alliance for Natural Health agrees, and purports that the U.S. has a vitamin D deficiency epidemic regardless of whichever charts are used.

One thing is for sure: If the amount considered insufficient is raised significantly, people barely squeaking by now–like President Trump–will find themselves squarely in the “unsafe” range.

Vitamin D helps regulate the absorption of all other nutrients. So, if your vitamin D level is insufficient, you’re likely low in other nutrients too.

Vitamin D helps build bones and joints. It supports eye and skin health.

It facilitates normal immune system function. It’s crucial for hormonal function.

It is also critical for brain health. Recent research has shown much lower rates of brain-related conditions in test subjects with higher levels of vitamin D.

Having optimal levels of vitamin D even appears to make it easier to lose weight.

In fact, the very reason vitamin D has received so much media coverage in the past decade is precisely because it has been shown to support so many biological and immune functions.

Does the president take a dietary supplement?

According to the report by the president’s physician, President Trump does take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement.

Unfortunately, the report wasn’t clear on the quality of the president’s supplements. For example, is he taking a cheap synthetic supplement or a more-absorbable “whole food” product?

If you suspect your vitamin D level could use a boost, be sure to supplement the right kind of vitamin D—and be sure it includes the other nutrients that work synergistically with vitamin D.

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