You have multiple automotive companies, airlines, grocery chains, website builders, utility companies, insurance companies, etc. When the competition offers the same products, how do you choose where to go? It’s not always about who gives you the best bang for your buck. In the end, it’s the value you gain from investing in a product. 

When it comes to your health and supplementation, it’s no different. You need products that work, and quickly. You need simplicity, yet high potency. And you need there to be no compromise when it comes to side effects. You already know you need to avoid synthetic medications, unless it’s a health emergency. You already know to stick with whole food products, but which company will deliver without grifting?

A trip down a supplement aisle in a whole food specialty store presents you with a plethora companies all vying for your attention and money. The good thing is they’re all on a mission to help you get healthier. The problem is they all use the same ingredients, avoid the same fillers and additives, and, frustratingly, contain low doses of essential nutrients. And, considering the low potency, they’re awfully pricey. So, who do you pick?

None of them. Your best option can’t be bought in a store; only online or through a health professional. We believe Optimal Health Systems blows away the competition with one patented process that no one—and we mean NO ONE—else does: predigestion.

Our predigestion process, called Opti-Blend, utilizes a combination of 10 Kosher-certified, non-GMO aspergillus oryzae enzymes and patented organic minerals to predigest nutrients before encapsulating. Predigestion is what makes our nutrients bioavailable and your cells enjoy the benefit of up to 300% better absorption. We also use a whole food cultured media blend that taps into nature’s fermentation process with organic yeast, pure plant enzymes, and stabilized probiotics that organically allow us to create supplements in potencies typically found only in synthetic products.

These steps guarantee high potency products that are also bioavailable, meaning the nutrients are ready for your body to use the moment you ingest them. There’s no further need for conversion, like with synthetic ingredients. Together, predigestion creates whole food supplements with higher potency and higher absorption than the competition. And with that, they work so much better than the competition.

So, while OHS uses the same ingredients as those found in whole food stores, they work far better than the competition because of predigestion. You need a multivitamin? Take Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral. You get 100% of the RDA of over 20 essential daily nutrients in three easy-to-swallow capsules. You can even open the capsules and add the powder to a food or beverage if you so choose. Need more fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants in your diet? Optimal Fruit & Veggie Plus delivers with over 24 fruits and vegetables and 20,000 antioxidant units per 15g scoop. Need some vitamin C to fend off illness? Optimal Whole C contains almost 300% your RDA of vitamin C in each chewable.

The ingredients in our formulas work so well that we have entire families that have stuck with us since our inception, and we have a steady stream of people making the switch to OHS products. Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few reviews you can find on Google and our social media outlets:

“I have tried many products from different companies such as designs for health, ortho molecular, NuMedica, metagenics to name a few, and all of them paled in comparison to OHS products. More than 95% of my patients respond favorably to their products and they cost 66% cheaper too. Their products will be my number one choice in the years to come.”

Richard T

“The only company where EVERY product is a homerun. I use Muscle Rx, Fruit & Veggies plus, Opti Nitric, and it’s been the best i’ve felt and most progress I’ve made in the gym.” Danny McLane

“I’ve been sharing OHS’s therapeutic supplements for over 19 years, now. My family, friends and I have enjoyed the vitality and immune support, and have followed through with the Cleansing Protocols every year. In fact, my grand-daughters (16 and 19) have avoided antibiotic since they were born, thanks to Flora Plus and OxyPure! Thank you OHS!”

Julianna Sillett

“I was a non-believer. I am not an exercise junkie, weight lifter, or fitness nut. I have adenocarcinoma in both lungs, COPD, osteoporosis and compression fractures in my lower back. Using the fruit and veggie plus has made a HUGE difference in my life! I have more energy, my skin doesn’t have that unhealthy ashy look, I feel I am breathing better, the odd lung spasms/pains I would get are gone. If anything is going to help me beat this cancer naturally, it will be my fruit and veggie plus. And it tastes good!”

Mary Holliday

“I had total reconstructive knee surgery in 1982. Since then my knee constantly hurt. Sometimes it was a dull ache and sometimes it was pure agony, but it always hurt. I was unable to participate in activities I enjoyed. I started taking Optimal Chronic a few weeks ago. The change has been phenomenal! I can walk a long way with little, if any, pain. I can enjoy physical activities again. I highly recommend Optimal Acute to anyone who suffers from long-term joint damage and pain.”

Bruce Warner