Foods can make you sick. Carbohydrates from grains, vegetables, and fruits can cause disease. Proteins from vegetable and animal sources (even eggs) can cause major damage as well, and even healthy fats from avocados, nuts, and oils can shorten your lifespan.

I want you to understand it’s not the foods the body wants; it’s the nutrients that come from the foods once they are digested by enzymes, probiotics, and minerals. The digestion of proteins down to amino acids is critical. If it doesn’t happen, you get arthritis and die young. Carbohydrates must broken down into glucose molecules or diabetes might happen. Fats must be broken down into fatty acids or heart disease slips in.

All this happens when digestion doesn’t take place.

What if you learned that you were inadvertently allowing harmful bacteria to enter your body by the billions when you take antacids such as Rolaids® and Tums®, or acid blockers like Pepcid AC®, Tagamet®, and Zantac®?

People take acid reducers to help with stomach discomfort and heartburn caused by indigestion. The problem is these pains are not caused by antacid drug deficiencies. Indigestion stems from the non-digestion of food. Said drugs work by either neutralizing stomach acids (antacids) or by blocking acid production altogether (acid blockers). The acid in question is called hydrochloric acid, or HCL.

HCL serves two critical functions. Critical Function #1: HCL destroys harmful bacteria that enter our bodies. These bacteria can enter with literally every breath we take, along with the all-too-prevalent Standard American Diet.

Critical Function #2: HCL creates the appropriate acid/alkaline balance (pH) so digestive enzymes can fully activate to completely digest food. Antacids and acid blockers wreck the balance and stop enzymes from digesting food.

To put it simply: indigestion pain is the discomfort caused by the non-digestion of food. The key to relieving it is by getting away from antacids and acid blockers, which stop digestion. You want to help your body complete the process of properly digest food instead.

Optimal 1 Digestion has been our top-seller for decades. It contains the complete array of enzymes that digest every known protein, carbohydrate, and fat. I want you to understand that cooking anything (healthy or indulgent) over 118ºF destroys the digestive enzymes. Undigested foods don’t properly get into your system. You notice this when you feel tired after eating a meal because it causes your body to expel extra energy to try and digest your food.

We know, through research, that the digestion formula can increase the absorption of nutrients up to 100% with proteins, and over 40% with carbohydrates. You are ensured nutrients are delivered at the cellular level. That’s the key to the formula.

What I want you to understand with digestion is, all the other formulas we have at OHS work so well because they have a little bit of the digestion formula in them—the plant enzymes, the patented probiotics, the patented minerals—we call that system Opti-Blend. It’s a miniature digestion formula in each product. All of them are predigested to work at the cellular level, guaranteeing nutrients are delivered at the cellular level. This is what truly separates us from all the similar products out there.

The beauty of Optimal 1 Digestion is you can take 1-2 pills with meals, depending on how cooked or processed the meal is, and even take pills between meals to clean the blood up. So, if you have a product you really like through another company, taking Optimal 1 Digestion with it will make it work better.

Want to see Optimal 1 Digestion work in real time? Skip ahead to 1:33 and see the drastic difference.