If you regularly depend on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for health information, it may be prudent to balance their currently-published information with statements made by employees after they have left the CDC.

A case in point:

Former director of the CDC Dr. Tom Frieden recently stated in an opinion piece that coronavirus infection risk is likely reduced by taking Vitamin D supplements.

This is something that you will not find on the CDC website at present—nor are you likely to hear any current CDC official say anything like that in an interview.

CDC silence is deafening

In fact, entering “Vitamin D” in the search function on the CDC website brings up zero results. Moreover, the “How to protect yourself from COVID-19” page provides no information whatsoever on any kind of nutrient—or benefit of having a stronger, healthier body.

It appears that the CDC is not aware that people have an immune system, and that this defensive system depends on nutrients to stay in optimal condition.

Or it could be that politics prevents CDC bureaucrats from stating obvious nutritional facts until after they leave the CDC.

No one claims Vitamin D is a “magic bullet” or a “cure all” for ANY disease; however, study after study shows that when people have optimal Vitamin D levels in their blood they are much less likely to die from viral and bacterial infections.

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Dr. Frieden obviously recognizes these studies and can acknowledge Vitamin D’s benefits… since he is no longer working at the CDC.

In his editorial, published March 23, Dr. Frieden states:

“One thing that might help is as obvious as the sun in the sky and as close as your medicine cabinet—Vitamin D.

“Higher COVID-19 mortality rates among older people and those with chronic conditions suggest that a weakened immune system contributes to poor outcomes.

“There are many crackpot claims about miracle cures floating around, but the science supports the possibility—although not the proof—that Vitamin D may strengthen the immune system, particularly of people whose Vitamin D levels are low.

“Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of respiratory infection, regulates cytokine production and can limit the risk of other viruses such as influenza.

“A respiratory infection can result in cytokine storms—a vicious cycle in which our inflammatory cells damage organs throughout the body —which increase mortality for those with COVID-19.

“Adequate Vitamin D may potentially provide some modest protection for vulnerable populations.”

While we can be thankful that many doctors, like Dr. Friedman, are highlighting the benefit of optimizing one’s immune system, we can only wonder why the CDC itself is silent on the subject.

With studies showing 40% of the population having inadequate Vitamin D levels, you would think the CDC would be busy educating everyone on the known benefits of Vitamin D.

After all, it is an easy and inexpensive additional step eveyone could tak to help avoid contracting COVID-19.

How much does industry money influence CDC advice?

Could it be that the CDC is invested so heavily in the vaccine industry that they have little incentive to fight diseases in any other way?

Unbeknown to most people, the CDC owns patents on a number of vaccines.

In addition, members of various CDC advisory boards also hold vaccine patents and are heavily invested in vaccine manufacturing companies through stock ownership.

As long as this is the case it appears likely the advice the CDC will provide for any health issue is, “Wait for the vaccine.”

Indeed, this seems to be the primary action plan with regards to the current coronavirus, COVID-19.

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