At this point it’s impossible to ignore the evidence that maintaining a healthy Vitamin D level is critical in the battle against COVID-19.

Not only was Vitamin D highlighted decades ago as being critical for the immune system in general, more than a hundred studies conducted since 2019 have confirmed that it applies to COVID-19 specifically.

A decade before the onset of COVID-19 both the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration listed nutrients for building a defense against viruses, and Vitamin D is prominent in the guidance.

You wont’ find these facts reported on the nightly news. According to mainstream media there is only one acceptable defense for COVID: vaccination.

‘The science’ mounts for Vitamin D

However, whether a person is a vaccine proponent or a vaccine skeptic, why wouldn’t they want to protect themselves against COVID with any scientifically proven method? And Vitamin D is possibly the most scientifically proven.

Adding to this evidence is a new meta-analysis in which researchers once again found a significant correlation between lower serum concentrations of Vitamin D and an increased risk of becoming infected with the virus.

A meta-analysis is extremely helpful becuase it examines the evidence accumulated by previous research, thus providing a more reliable “big picture” result. In this case researchers examined 13 previous studies, incorporating health data from 14,485 COVID-19 patients. This data was compared to non-COVID patients.

The research, published in Cardiology Journal in August 2021, established two critical numbers that can literally represent the difference of life and death: 14.1 and 17.7.

These two numbers represent two different levels of Vitamin D blood concentrations that everyone should be aware of. The 14,485 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 infection had an average vitamin D blood concentration of 14.1 ng/mL.

This compared to the average measurement of 17.7 ng/mL found in the thousands of patients who were admitted into the hospital and tested negative for COVID-19.

The researchers were clear on what their findings mean:

“While vaccination programs are widespread and the number of vaccinated patients grows, the underlying risk factors for the severe course of COVID-19 are still being investigated.

“The common denominator for all of these risk factors is the disturbed immunological response which may in fact be the underlying mechanism for the severe course of COVID-19. One of the most common and thoroughly examined causes of immunosuppression is Vitamin D deficiency… it comes as no surprise that in the era of COVID-19, Vitamin D became an object of interest for much research worldwide in terms of preventing the severe course of the disease.”

Numerous sources and researchers

To conduct the study, researchers utilized a number of databases that included studies from a variety of countries and institutions. PubMed, EMBASE, Web of Science, Cochrane Collaboration Databases and Scopus Electronic Databases were the sources used.

The scientists colloborating on the review also represented a number of countries. Contributors included representatives of universities and government health institutions in Poland, United States, Italy, The Netherlands and Czech Republic.

A PDF of the study can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile, as medical authorities in the U.S. are busy warning medical practitioners not to make any promises about preventing COVID-19 with Vitamin D supplements, the scientists involved in this study were quite emphatic that it would indeed save lives:

“Low serum Vitamin D levels are statistically and significantly associated with the risk of COVID-19 infection. Supplementation of Vitamin D, especially in deficiency risk groups, are indicated.”

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Source: Cardiology Journal / Via Medica.