With conflicting information that’s cropped up over the years, I wanted to make sure I put the unvarnished truth in front of you when it comes to vitamin C. I want you to enjoy the cooler weather without the illnesses that often come with it.


Vitamin C doesn’t help with colds.


Whole food vitamin C is hugely beneficial when it comes to helping prevent or hasten that cold away.

People have been taking Vitamin C supplements for years. When a cold strikes, Vitamin C is usually the first form of ammunition individuals turn to, and it is truly an excellent tactic. It’s been studied for decades with dual focus on both treatment and prevention of colds. Yes, there have been conflicting results but the explanation is simple: studies that used synthetic forms of vitamin C produced negative results, and those that studied whole food forms produced overwhelmingly positive results. Want a little more proof? Oranges typically ripen just in time for cold and flu season. Nature provides the foods we should eat at different times to keep us healthy. Research shows active people supplementing vitamin C, can expect to cut the risk of getting a cold in half. Based on the meta-analysis of studies on this subject, supplemental vitamin C is able to reduce the duration of a cold by 8-14% in any population, when it is taken as a daily preventative measure, or at the beginning of a cold.

(image from blogs.uwhealth.org)

The Whole Food Vitamin C Difference

The complete whole food form supports your immune system, connective tissue, and bone health. Used in the right amount, it can help reduce high blood pressure, fight off and prevent colds and flu, repair collagen, get rid of varicose veins, ease nausea and shorten wound healing. It even helps prevent disease.

Optimal Whole C contains the highest potency AND the highest, purest dosage

This is no exaggeration. If you can find a better whole food vitamin C supplement, let us know. We’ll gladly put our product to the test. Until further notice, I stand by my statement. OHS is the ONLY company with the highest, purest dose of vitamin C available. Our patented Opti-Blendâ„¢ system, which predigests every ingredient before encapsulating or being turned into a tablet, is used by us and only us. It’s why no one can match our quality. In my mission to stop people from to have to roll the dice every time they try to take care of themselves, I’m constantly reading the latest health-related research to ensure I’m using the purest, most potent whole food ingredients in OHS formulas. This has been no different for Optimal Whole C.

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