Tis the season for a change in diet and an increase in processed food consumption. This also means it’s a good time of year to nurture your body with a soft cleanse. Many times, a change in diet, especially an increased in highly processed food consumption, can cause a strain on your system, until your liver and kidneys can catch up. This strain burns a lot of energy—energy that could be allocated to enjoying family time and the holidays. Starting a soft cleanse now can make a huge, positive difference.

Highly processed foods are loaded with empty calories that do nothing for you nutritionally. This means a LOT of sugar, lots of unhealthy fats, not enough fiber, a heap of artificial ingredients (a.k.a. cheap fillers), and synthetic nutrients that can’t compare to organic nutrients (a.k.a. zero nutrition value). On top of this, junk food is often addictive and usually goes right through you, making it easier to overeat. And since it the food goes right through you, this means you burn fewer calories while digesting it, which leads to weight gain.

This spells disaster for your natural detoxification system, mainly your liver and kidneys. Without adequate nutrition, these usually-efficient organs fall behind.

You’re probably familiar with the concept “sugar crash.” It’s no mystery that excess sugar can make you tired. What’s changed in recent decades is that refined sugars are in virtually every processed food you eat. This puts a massive strain on your liver and pancreas in particular, making your more prone to insulin level problems, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer. The more insulin-resistant you’re body has become, the more sugars that get stored in fat cells.

Fiber & Nutrients
The standard American diet is rife with foods stripped of their nutrients for the sake of increasing a product’s shelf life. This means natural fiber, vitamins, and minerals are removed. Companies try to compensate by adding synthetic ingredients but your body knows the difference between whole food and synthetic. And while your body tries to make do with what you give it, synthetic ingredients aren’t recognized as real food and gets pushed on through, leaving you nutrient deficient and with quite a few excess calories on your waistline.

Artificial Ingredients
If artificial ingredients were as safe as manufacturers claimed they were, western society would be a lot healthier, and we wouldn’t have a lot of research studies concluding otherwise. These ingredients are added only for the sake of enhancing color, flavor, and texture; nothing nutritional. These ingredients have led to a rise in food allergies, certain cancers, and other health problems.

The world is beginning to understand the difference between good and bad fats. The problem is highly processed foods almost always contain bad fats. This causes chronic low-grade inflammation throughout your body, which leads to a range of diseases, including heart disease.

Food Addiction & Overeating
Sugar has been scientifically proven to be more addictive than cocaine. Eating whole foods triggers satiety, but processed foods stimulate dopamine production, making you feel good while offering up almost zero nutrition. Also, it takes easily twice as many calories to digest the complex makeup of proteins, fats, and carbs in whole foods than it does the refined carbs in highly processed foods. So, even if you ate 2,000 calories of processed foods, you won’t burn as many calories as if you’d eaten 2,000 calories of whole foods.

Come Clean with a Cleanse
You know you’re in need of a cleanse when you reach the point where you know it’s time to cut out junk food but can’t seem to stop. Other warning signs you need a cleanse is fatigue, trouble losing weight, focus problems, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus problems, headaches, regular indigestion, sleep problems, skin problems, and more.

Sounds like a list that could apply to just about anyone. Since highly processed foods are everywhere, even when you think you’re avoiding them, it’s become too easy to overtax your liver and kidneys. This has lead to many health professionals recommending a slow, deep cleanse to all tissues, including the liver and kidneys, can be rid of toxins.

Optimal Health Systems’s Soft Cleanse combines two formulas that provide herbs and nutrients proven to help eliminate toxins and fortify organ tissue. Ingredients include milk thistle, barberry, dandelion, chlorella, patented glutamine, and more. The Soft Cleanse also includes special pectin fibers to encompass toxins and safely transport them out of your body, instead of allowing them to get dumped off in another tissue. Starting a soft cleanse now can help you have the energy to enjoy the holidays.

The great news about the OHS Soft Cleanse is that it provides you with energy, instead of robbing you like most cleanses do. Taking only one packet morning and evening, instead of a bunch of bottles, also takes the strain off your system making it easy and convenient to cleanse and energize this holiday season.

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